The Unexpected Engagement Shoot

My friend Nolan and I were in Chicago on Saturday, March 26, doing some shoots around the city. We were there for quite a while already and were getting close to wrapping up the shoot.

As we were walking to our next spot, a man approached us asking us to take a photo of his and his girlfriend with his phone. As he handed over the phone to us, he reached back in his coat and pulled out a box. He looked at us and told us he was about to get engaged. What he didn't know was that I am a photographer and that he was about to get some nice photos taken with his phone and with my camera.

He turned around, Nolan and I got ready to take the photos, he knelt down to one knee, and his girlfriend soon to be fiance was blown away; she was very happy and surprised.

It's really cool that my friend and I were walking in the spot when the guy was minutes away from asking his girlfriend to marry him. I wish them the best and congratulate them for this wonderful engagement.


- Javy Esquivel