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Michigan City Fantasy Football

Upcoming Fantasy Football Sectional Championship Game 11/4/2016


You pretty much know how this is played. Similar rules, but instead of picking a whole team, you pick 4 players. The fourth player will be only used, should there be a tie.

Each week you will have to pick 4 different players to keep it fair with everyone else.

The last submission for this game ends on Friday November 4 at 5pm central time. The results will be posted either Saturday or Sunday after the game.

The winner of this week's match will win tickets for 2 to see Marvel's Doctor Strange.

Parents, friends, coaches, and even the actual MC football players can participate.

Point System

Touchdown • 6 points

Interception • 2 points

Recovered Fumble • 2 points

Sack • 1 point

Safety • 2 points

2 Point Conversion • 2 points

Field Goal • 3 points

PAT • 1 point

Passing Touchdown (for the QB) • 4 points

Defensive Touchdown • 6 points

Kick/Punt Return Touchdown • 6 points

Recovered Fumble Touchdown • 6 points

PAT block • 1 point

Name *
Select 4 players. Make sure you are selecting 4 different players than the previous week. Failure to do so will result in being disqualified. *